Ho ho ho

Well, golly, it only took Barack Obama until mid-December to announce huge concessions to the Republicans. An announcement of austerity just in time for Christmas! My prediction was off by a few weeks — I thought he’d wait until the new term to start before selling everyone out in the name of “bipartisanship” (a.k.a. giving the right wing everything they want before they even ask for it).

Seriously, can Democratic partisans just stop pretending that the Democrats actually care about anything? The Democrats don’t protect us from the excesses of the right wing, they are just a machine for making excuses for why these excesses are not resisted, and for preventing any real resistance from being put into place.


2 Responses to Ho ho ho

  1. Ron Brown says:

    Am I detecting a fellow Young Turks fan, par chance?

    • No. I don’t watch any television (including Internet video) at all. The whole point of presenting things as video, as opposed to text, is to bypass your reason and cause you to take positions for granted which logically are not worth considering. People complain because you can’t read your interlocutor’s expression on the Internet, but to me that is a great advantage — I don’t have to worry about whether a pundit is pushing me into accepting a false proposition by means of outrage or mockery or sheer jollity.

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