Play it again, WordPress.

Sorry if you were expecting either brilliant polemics (not, I realize, terribly likely) or the key to deciphering the horrible psychological trauma which most people assume must underlie my terrible attitude. You won’t find either one here, at least for the moment.

Although I may someday have something to say and use this medium to communicate it, for now this blog was created in an attempt to get WordPress to correctly report my ownership of this account so I can use it to post comments on other blogs.

[Edit: Okay, I’ve written something else and published it. And it’s a polemic (probably not categorizable as “brilliant”) and involves my youth and is therefore potentially a key to deciphering any horrible psychological trauma I may have suffered. And yet thanks to those qualifications I still have a better track record than, say, Harold Camping. Yet he get tax deductions and I don’t. Life is truly unfair.]


8 Responses to Play it again, WordPress.

  1. Sabio Lantz says:

    Funny !
    But we look forward to your thoughts, feelings and wonders in the future!

  2. amelie says:

    Like it. Terrible attitudes – I’ll drink to that!

  3. KA says:

    Hey Mr. Drive-by poster: so you swing by my blog, blather on in what you assume to be brilliant stream-of-conscioiusness, accuse me of shit I haven’t done, & more or less not bother to ask questions or check into my long, LONG history by doing any research whatsoever.
    You are a presumptuous dork.

    • Mmmm-hmmmm. For someone who claims the moral high ground, you sure descended into name-calling quickly.

      If you seriously think that the comment I left was “stream-of-consciousness” then you are not just wrong-headed but also terrible at literary classification. If you consider it to be “blathering on”, then you have the attention span of a fruitfly. And as for your “long, LONG history”, I’ve been reading your blog posts via the Planet Atheism aggregator for a long time. Longer than I’ve been using “The Vicar” as a handle, I think. As a spot check, I looked at your blog’s archive for 3 years ago, and I distinctly remember seeing at least a few of those posts when they were new.

      (As for whether I’m a “presumptuous dork”, that’s not for me to say. But you, at least, have no evidence in favor of that conclusion, having demonstrated that you are yourself presumptuous if not a dork.)

      If you are advocating “never forget, never forgive” on a national level, regardless of who it is you aren’t forgiving, then you are either a warmonger or an idiot for not appreciating the obvious consequences of what you advocate. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to stir up animosity between the northern and southern U.S., Japan and China, Ireland and England, or Arabs and Israelis. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and decided that you were a warmonger. Only you know whether I was being too kind; your comment on my blog strongly suggests it.

      To advocate “never forget, never forgive” over an incident which is already overblown and has served as the justification for 2 disastrous military invasions and several other needless campaigns is evil. To do so and then to pretend you were not supporting war is either revoltingly disingenuous or, again, a sign of incredible idiocy.

      As for your support of Israel, which you have brandished as though I am supposed to be impressed: how a self-proclaimed atheist can support a nation which explicitly grants automatic citizenship to members of a particular religion — quite explicitly to keep the state under the control of members of that religion — is beyond me. Perhaps the fact that you’re either a disingenuous warmonger or an incredible idiot has something to do with it. Regardless, this attempt to bypass democracy in favor of implicit theocracy has been failing for years and the Israeli government is increasingly applying apartheid-style measures to suppress the non-Jewish population. And yet you’re still supporting them.

  4. KA says:

    Firstly, you accused me of advocating that Arabs are sub-human: that little lie makes you a presumptuous dork. Second, being Jewish isn’t only a religion: had you a clue, you’d know that. Being jewish is not only a religion, but an ethnicity and a race.
    Third, how a 3,000 body count atrocity is ‘overblown’, is a sickening statement on anyone’s state of mind.
    Fourth, each of my posts are fresh.
    Fifth, I am by no means a warmonger.
    Sixth, I am not by any stretch of anyone’s imagination supporting the idiocies of my government. Reading that into my memorial post is a sign of incredible stupidity.
    Seventh, claiming Israel is committing apartheid is a serious category error, which signifies to me that you haven’t a slight clue as to what you’re talking about.
    So you come to my blog, piss all over my shoes, & then expect to me to take it on the chin?
    Up yours, insolent brat.

    • Okay, in order:

      1. If you’re advocating that the U.S. hold on to its grudge against the Muslim world, which advocacy plays no purpose but to encourage more killing, then either you think it’s okay to kill Muslims or else you’re so incapable of seeing the results of your own actions that you’re implausibly stupid. (If you really were that stupid, you wouldn’t be able to turn on a computer.) I’m assuming that you aren’t having to dictate your comments to somebody else, so you must think killing Muslims is okay. If you think it’s okay to kill Muslims, then either you think it’s okay to kill people in general, or you think Muslims are sub-human. So if you don’t want me to conclude that you think Muslims are subhuman, then you’re not asking for terribly attractive other conclusions.

      2. Being Jewish is indeed an ethnicity. It is not a race; the genetic difference between Jews from Israel and Muslim Palestinians is basically nil. The original Jews are just another tribe of Palestinians, and Moses is about as historically factual as Homer. (I might add “or Homer Simpson”.) Regardless, the legal distinction which grants citizenship in Israel is centered on religion, not ethnicity. Israel is trying to subvert its democracy in order to avoid the conclusions of its demographics.

      3. It is now more than a decade after 9/11. In that time, the U.S. has killed, in Iraq alone, a minimum of 30 times as many Muslim civilians (certainly mostly innocent) as died in 9/11. In addition, we’ve screwed up that country so badly that millions more lost everything and became refugees. Therefore: any smidgeon of an excuse we have to gripe about the behavior of the Muslim world is long since used up, and then some. And that’s not including Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, or any of the other places the U.S. is sticking its fingers. And yet we have people like you telling us never to forget 9/11, which only serves the purpose of continuing to kill Muslims. That’s overblown, all right. I don’t see you writing posts advocating that, say, Bosnian Muslims should never forget the Serbs, and yet that was nearly three times as many people dead, and only 6 years earlier — and a much more guilty populace at large, to boot, since the remaining Serbs were much more aware and complicit in the massacre than the Muslim world was in 9/11. If we’re supposed to keep remembering these tragedies forever for some bizarre higher purpose which somehow will manage to avoid involving revenge, then if you were truly disinterested you wouldn’t be ignoring all the others, yes?

      4. At the moment when they are posted, yes. If you’re going to claim that your posts remain “fresh” three years after they are posted, that’s quite an ego you have.

      5. What do you call it when someone continues, more than a decade after a crime whose perpetrators immolated themselves, whose planner was assassinated, and which has been avenged more than 30 times over, to try and keep resentment alive? Sounds like a warmonger to me.

      6. Ah, I see, you’re trying to pretend you live in a vacuum and don’t know who’s using 9/11 as an excuse for what. Well, okay, I concede that you could just be monumentally ignorant of the events of the last decade — in particular the last two presidential elections — in addition to being stupid enough to keep talking about them anyway.

      7. The claim that Israel has institutional bias against Arabs has been made by columnists in Haaretz; Israeli Prime Minister Olmert said the Israeli establishment practiced “deliberate and insufferable” discrimination against Arabs; the Or Commission (which, since you presumably never heard of it before, being in utter denial, was led by former Israeli High Court Justice Or) concluded that there was systemic discrimination; and several other people of like standing within Israel have agreed, so a certain amount of Israel’s own upper echelons of government apparently agree with me. We don’t need to go into Amnesty International or the U.N., since no doubt you’ll immediately dismiss them as being biased (by which you mean they aren’t unthinkingly, unhesitatingly Zionist).

  5. KA says:

    1. That is such monumentally goofy logic, you should be ashamed to put it together. Also, a strawman. look to the Santayana aphorism.
    2. Being jewish is actually a race: a child is considered a jew if the mother is jewish. Also, I think you should look the word ‘race’ up: I’m using the dictionary definition, not my own.
    3. Atrocities and horrors are not measured in the numbers: none of them should’ve happened. That you think some outweigh others, makes me shudder.
    4. Obviously that’s not my ego overcompensating, that’s your reading comprehension failing.
    5. You’re repeating yourself – not a good sign.
    6. No, I’m quite aware of all that – PS, you still haven’t admitted you were wrong about Afghanistan being ‘a progressive country’.
    7. I never inferred or said that there wasn’t a bias against non-jews in Israel. Again, you need to look up the word ‘apartheid’, because again, you don’t understand the definition. Israel is and has always needed some serious reform.

    Really, your logic is that of an adolescent, & you say the same shit some 1st year blogging adolescent newbie would: Israel commits apartheid, it’s a theocracy (there’s a difference between having theocratic elements and actually being one), accusations of racism, using scales to weigh atrocities, etc.
    So keep your opinion: I find it boring & pedestrian.

    • 1. Point out a flaw in the logic, then.

      2. Dunno about you, but my dictionary says: “each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics”. “Jewish” is no such thing.

      3. You’re the one who things 9/11 outweighs the others, and needs to be remembered in perpetuity, hypocrite.

      4. Really? You think that a blog post 3 years old is “fresh”? Go check your dictionary again. I think maybe you need a new one because the current one doesn’t seem to be working.

      5. I repeat myself in replying because you keep making the same errors. Make new ones and you’ll get different responses.

      6. It’s only the truth, as of the time when the U.S. sent the C.I.A. there. People who claim it wasn’t are paying no attention to what was happening in Afghanistan in the 1960s and 1970s. See, for example,

      7. Oh, really? What, in your highly-specialized dictionary, is required before policies can be described as “apartheid-style”, which was the term I specifically used? Remember, for the most part under the actual Apartheid in South Africa, the laws did not actually encode violence, just systematic discrimination. The violence came about because the systematic discrimination both encouraged revolt (which always leads to violence at some point) and protected the violent (on the authoritarian side). Officially, Apartheid was set up around official (and sometimes arbitrary) designation of “race” and separation of races. On paper, it was almost all “separate but equal” (with the exception of black disenfranchisement, which was excused by setting up powerless black “homeland” self-governments). Well, Israel defines who is and who is not Jewish. They provide separate education facilities for Arabs and Jews. They refuse citizenship to Arabs who marry Jews. They keep the Palestinians in a powerless “homeland” with no representation in the main government. I’m seeing some tick marks in checkboxes.

      Funny how I’m presenting facts and sources and logic, and you’re just sitting there issuing denials without any sort of backup whatsoever.

      Also funny how you claim not to care about my opinions but you keep responding. Like most Zionists, you seem to be a little unbalanced when it comes to Israel.

      I’m guessing your next move — which you may already have taken; I haven’t looked at Planet Atheism yet — will be to write a blog post demonizing me for daring to disagree, which will also be fact-, source-, and logic-free, and you will only permit comments which agree with you.

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