Play it again, WordPress.

January 15, 2012

Sorry if you were expecting either brilliant polemics (not, I realize, terribly likely) or the key to deciphering the horrible psychological trauma which most people assume must underlie my terrible attitude. You won’t find either one here, at least for the moment.

Although I may someday have something to say and use this medium to communicate it, for now this blog was created in an attempt to get WordPress to correctly report my ownership of this account so I can use it to post comments on other blogs.

[Edit: Okay, I’ve written something else and published it. And it’s a polemic (probably not categorizable as “brilliant”) and involves my youth and is therefore potentially a key to deciphering any horrible psychological trauma I may have suffered. And yet thanks to those qualifications I still have a better track record than, say, Harold Camping. Yet he get tax deductions and I don’t. Life is truly unfair.]